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I'm a girl from a small town in Ohio living in a beautiful coastal town in Florida. I'm married to my very supportive high school sweetheart and we have a beautiful fur baby, Hula. I studied interior design in college and after several career reincarnations I am now here, living the unexpected life of jewelry designer and absolutely LOVING it!!! This blog chronicals my journey through this wild and exhilarating and sometimes exasperating world of jewelry making from idea to fruition!

My art is available at Old Florida Gallery and Outdoor Center in Englewood Florida

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Please excuse my absence...

I all the hustle and bustle of the holidays I had a bit of an accident.  While on my usual skate I ended up in a face-plant with road rash down my right side from my face to my knee  : (  I was very lucky in that I didn't break anything or mutilate myself to the point that I won't heal completely.  I still have no idea how it happened, I was down before I knew I was in trouble.  I mean I didn't even have time to try to protect myself, my hands are in perfect condition! And it's funny the things you think of after the fact, I guess it's better that I could break the fall with my face instead of my hands since I don't make jewelry with my face.  Thankfully,  I'm on the mend now and healing surprisingly fast!  Exactly one week to the day and what's left of the devastated flesh is new and pink!  Anyway, it's back to business as usual and I've got some great new designs in the works for the new year ; )

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