My Story

I'm a girl from a small town in Ohio living in a beautiful coastal town in Florida. I'm married to my very supportive high school sweetheart and we have a beautiful fur baby, Hula. I studied interior design in college and after several career reincarnations I am now here, living the unexpected life of jewelry designer and absolutely LOVING it!!! This blog chronicals my journey through this wild and exhilarating and sometimes exasperating world of jewelry making from idea to fruition!

My art is available at Old Florida Gallery and Outdoor Center in Englewood Florida

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Learning Curve...

So many new things to learn!  My dear husband got me a professional DSLR camera for my birthday to help me take better quality pictures of my work and because my old camera is tired (I take a lot of photos of my jewelry) and frustrated me to no end.  I've discovered that I have a lot to learn about the basics of photography, but thankfully it takes great photos in automatic macro mode while I'm learning  : )  I've recently signed up for classes at Art Center Manatee and I'm finally going to learn how to prong-set gemstones among other techniques, so I'm super excited to get started!!!   And taxes, uggg!  Though I have an accountant to do the actual filing, but most of the gathering, organization, and calculating is up to me.  I've been working on it for 2 weeks now and every time I think I'm finished I discover something I forgot.  I make my business more organized with each year, but it also seems that each year brings more that requires my brainpower elsewhere taking me away from the actual creation of my jewelry : (  As I imagine most people do, I thought owning my own business would be easy, but it's A LOT of work!  Being a sole proprietor = you do all the work yourself and if you don't it doesn't get done until you do, so you have to prioritize your day!  But it's not all bad, I can spend the day in my pajamas if I want to, have a beer with lunch, or take a day off whenever I wish : )  And besides learning something new everyday is a good thing, it keeps the brain engaged and me on my toes!  (pictured above Chromium Earrings ~ 13 carats in natural emeralds and 1 carat in raw black diamonds set in 14kt yellow gold fill)