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I'm a girl from a small town in Ohio living in a beautiful coastal town in Florida. I'm married to my very supportive high school sweetheart and we have a beautiful fur baby, Hula. I studied interior design in college and after several career reincarnations I am now here, living the unexpected life of jewelry designer and absolutely LOVING it!!! This blog chronicals my journey through this wild and exhilarating and sometimes exasperating world of jewelry making from idea to fruition!

My art is available at Old Florida Gallery and Outdoor Center in Englewood Florida

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am most thankful simply to be home!  During the past 6 years I have either been in San Francisco or L.A. for the Thanksgiving holiday working auto shows.  My family was always gracious enough to celebrate the holiday either before or after the actual day, but this year (since my retirement) I am home and hosting the dinner myself : D  And in honor of this blessed event I plan to do it right, even taking some risks!  I will be making a pumpkin pie from scratch, pumpkin and all (click the link for the recipe I'm using)!  I did quite a bit of research before settling on this recipe, and there are A LOT of recipes out there, but this one seemed the most straight forward and natural.  All of the rest of the dinners ingredients are ready to be prepared.  We've got a 19lb turkey, candied yams, mashed potatoes, and cranberry relish (all also from scratch), green bean casserole, and everything on the menu is a family tradition including  "THE salad" and homemade dinner rolls, so the rest should be a piece of cake.  Of course, the planner that I am, I did purchase a can of pumpkin pie filling as back-up just in case something goes awry.   Wish me luck!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

This recipe is totally worth the effort, but be forewarned you will need a bit of muscle and elbow grease to cut these pumpkins open!!!