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I'm a girl from a small town in Ohio living in a beautiful coastal town in Florida. I'm married to my very supportive high school sweetheart and we have a beautiful fur baby, Hula. I studied interior design in college and after several career reincarnations I am now here, living the unexpected life of jewelry designer and absolutely LOVING it!!! This blog chronicals my journey through this wild and exhilarating and sometimes exasperating world of jewelry making from idea to fruition!

My art is available at Old Florida Gallery and Outdoor Center in Englewood Florida

Monday, June 27, 2011

Getting to know me better : )

So this weeks posts will be a series of snippets on getting to know me better.  I have added Pandora (in the sidebar, lower left) so you can sample the music I'm listening to as I'm creating.  I've also added a video section, so you can enjoy the antics of my silly kitties.  Hula, the baby is a purebred blue point ragdoll we adopted at only 4 months old (now 11 months and growing fast with the sweetest demeanor) and Kona a 6 year old chocolate bi-color ragdoll (spastic and slightly schizophrenic, but a love when the mood strikes).  Both are rescues from a local shelter where I volunteer  I strongly support adopting from a local non-profit shelter.  You'll not only be gaining a fabulous new member of the family, but helping your local community/economy as well!  They have animals of all ages, breeds, and personalities, even pure breeds and all have incredible stories to tell : )  Clearly from their names I adore Hawaii!  My husband and I took our 10 year anniversary vacation there and I fell instantly head-over-heels in love!  We explored The Big Island's coffee plantations and Kilauea, Maui's road to Hana, and lush wild chicken inhabited Kauai each is very different and extraordinary in its beauty.  I am captivated by every facet and will live there, at least part of the year, as soon as I can figure out how to swing it!

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