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I'm a simple girl from a small town in Ohio living in a beautiful coastal town in Florida. I'm married to my very supportive high school sweetheart and we have a beautiful cat, Hula. I studied interior design in college and after several career reincarnations I am now here, living the unexpected life of jewelry designer and absolutely LOVING it!!! This blog chronicals my journey through this wild and exhilarating and sometimes exasperating world of jewelry making from idea to fruition!

Update: Here we are 6 years later and I'm very happy to report that things are going well! I have a thriving shop on Etsy, my own website, I show occasionally at local art/craft shows, and my work is now available at Old Florida Gallery and Outdoor Center in Englewood FL! So follow along... it's getting very interesting!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Consumer Empathy

After several days of back and forth messages in the custom ordering of my art/craft show banners I can now empathize with my customers placing custom orders with me.  It is truly a leap of faith, going from the idea and picture you have in your head to the hope that your communications will convey that thought with the creator and the that the finished product will come out the same or possibly even better!  There is anxiety with wondering if it will in fact come out favorably, will I love the actual product as much as this picture in my brain.  It is quite the process, custom ordering, there are so many decisions to be made and the lovely lady I've been working with, Krista of the Girls mom, has been an absolute pleasure to work with making the process virtually effortless of my end (aside from my second guessing myself)!  This has been a learning experience for me, one that will most definitely make me a better seller : )

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